Jesus Saves. . . and He Bakes!

If I get nothing else for Xmas or if I buy no other gift for this Xmas, please please please let it be this Jesus Saves Rolling Pin. If anyone sees one of these in SF, please let me know. I am in awe of Twitter user @MrsWoff. She saw this, recognized its awesomeness, and shared it with the world. Thank you!!

As for me, I'm off to scour the hardware stores in the city. This has to be somewhere!!


Gauss Jordan said…
Is that the secret to his bread miracle? He was furiously baking off to the side?

I wonder if this leaves a little imprint if you get thwacked over the head with it.
toddx said…
Yes, but that imprint gets you a 10% discount in the "Blessed by the Pope" shop at the Vatican.

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