Got Cheese? The American Grilled Cheese Kitchen is coming!

The American Grilled Cheese Kitchen is supposed to open this week and the tension in the South Park/SoMa/SoBe area of SF is palpable. We want our gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches NOW!!!

I wonder if they use Velveeta?

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Gauss Jordan said…
Psh. This is *so* last decade. We've had Chedd's here in TX for at least a year...
toddx said…
A franchise? You compare a foodie grilled cheese haven like AGCK to a FRANCHISE?!! Well, I never!!

Ha, just kidding. If we're comparing, though, I'm sure AGCK will kick Chedd's ass in the pretension factor. :)
We had one here but it went belly up. The menu is still online.

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