Risotto pot à la Shannon

Last night I received an amazing (albeit wholly unnecessary) thank you gift from my friend Shannon who visited SF earlier this month. Behold the Risotto Pot!

I love risotto, and apparently Shannon either loved the risotto I made for her while she was here, or she so completely loathed it that she determined only a new cooking instrument had any hope of salvaging my culinary forays into risotto-land. It doesn't matter. The pot is mine and so shall be the risotto. Look out Arborio rice. I have a hot pool of olive oil calling out for you.

Thanks Shannon!!!


Dixie said…
I don't understand what makes it uniquely a risotto pot.
toddx said…
That's why you don't have one, Dixie.
We have an Italian restaurant here that serves a cheesy fontina and truffle risotto, one of the best things I ever ate.

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