Problem meet Solution: Homelessness, hunger and overcrowded kitten shelters

Dancing-Kittens food

According to the Tails of the City blog in the SFGate, "Every spring and summer, millions of abandoned kittens overwhelm animal shelters across the country. It's estimated that approximately 70 percent of healthy and adoptable shelter kittens and cats are euthanized simply due to lack of space and resources."

70% are euthanized?! That's horrible. And such a waste. Dear San Francisco, dear California, we have too many culinary geniuses in our midst to let a resource like this go to waste. Alice Waters, I demand you begin collecting these throw-away kittens and do something nice for the underprivileged for once in your gourmet-ghetto-pampered life: Cook something for the homeless!

I imagine a little kitty tartar served with some delicious fresh-baked bread. Braising is good too. While the kittens will be tender, I think we can all agree that a 5 year old tabby probably isn't as "melt in your mouth" as it could be. The braising process will solve that problem, though.

And, frankly, the way we treat our homeless and hungry is a disgrace. Safeway tosses out perfectly edible food. Restaurants do the same every day. And now I learn about all this delicious kitty meat. America, have we no shame?!

Bon appetit.


BosGuy said…
OMG you are so twisted - I love it. Are you originally from the northeast?

I suppose the SF Chefs you are imploring could get really creative and make things like pussy-patties.
toddx said…
I'm originally from a little suburb of Hades, but Sarcasm is my home state. :)

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