Introducing the Penguincubator: Ongoing Adventures in Publishing and Bookselling

No, silly, it doesn't dispense penguins. It dispenses Penguin quality paperbacks! This amazing new format will soon be sweeping the nation (see 1934). You, too, can afford books now!

Traditional booksellers have survived this infernal machine, the promises of print on demand, and they will survive the internet. Have faith and do what you do best: curate your collection, offer services only human beings can, and share your love of physical books.

As for you would-be book buyers, keep it up. Buy books everywhere. But, remember to frequent the bookstores in your neighborhood and carry on conversations with and glean recommendations from the booksellers who work there, who devote their lives to the books. They are special people and their expertise should not be taken for granted nor valued so lightly. I guarantee you that any bookseller worth his salt will give you a better reading suggestion than the Penguincubator.

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