Homosexuality is a sin, girlfriend

I truly wanted to believe this was a joke. But the gravitas of his gold-threaded ascot has convinced me: this man believes what he is saying. And that makes this video even sadder.

Dear ex-gay Adam, lose the ascot, shave the soul patch, have a nice vodka cocktail or three and get thee to a gay bar soon.

You need to re-connect to your people.
You need to have the brainwashing reversed.
You need to stop, take stock of your hollowed out life, and reclaim your true self.

Can I get an amen?


Anonymous said…
What a sad confused tortured soul. Why can't the world just accept people as they are and stop trying to change them to make them fit into 'nice' little christian boxes?
Lara Starr said…
Amen! Look at those haunted eyes....
Matt said…
Amen! I swear I thought this was a Christopher Guest movie throughout the whole thing ... sad.
toddx said…
@Anon: I've heard of these Christian boxes, but I've never gotten a nice present from one.

@Lara: The eyes! The eyes!!

@Matt: I thought the same thing! I was watching and thinking, "This has got to be a joke." Alas, no.
Matt said…
Jeez! Is he channeling "Jerry Falwell" or what!?

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