The End of An Era: Paper Muni Fast Pass Ends This October in SF

February 1981 Fast Pass

The rumors are true. Paper Fast Passes are going away. No more bent and wrinkled passes that barely register in Muni's card readers. No more guys standing at the Powell St. cable car turnaround offering to buy last month's Fast Passes (they're good for 3 days into the new month!). Instead, we're now stuck with another credit card-like thing in our wallets/purses. Here's the official announcement:
The SFMTA is moving to TransLink! Online sales of monthly paper passes will end after June 22, 2010 (July pass sales period)

MUNI Diaries emailed SFMTA and talked to spokesperson Murray Bond. Here’s the skinny:

The last day to purchase monthly paper Fast Passes online at is June 22. They can also be purchased online at through June 16 and thereafter at Clippercard.comThe paper passes will be phased out in October and customers must load them on a Clipper card beginning November 1.

As a salute to the passing of the Pass, Muni Diaries put together this "look at Fast Passes through the years."

February 1978

February 1978 Muni Fast Pass (Front)

Photo by Troy Holden

June 1991

Muni Fast Pass from 1991

Photo by sbfisher

May 1996

Muni bus pass from May, 1996

Photo by size8jeans

December 2007

flickr-ish colors

Photo by cbcastro

John Kuzich's Fast Pass art at the DeYoung through Sunday, August 30

Photo by Steve Rhodes

For more photos of John Kuzich’s Fast Pass exhibit at the DeYoung from summer 2009, see Flickr.

December 2009

Adult Fast Pass - Dec 09

Photo by Trevor H

January 2010

In response to Trevor H

Photo by spieri_sf

Judson True

Photo by Troy Holden


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