The best part of SF Pride 2010: Andy Bell of Erasure

It was glorious. The sun was shining. The crowd had thinned out (after the Backstreet Boys departed). And I was able to get closer to the stage. Andy was the one thing I wanted to see at Pride, and boy did he put on a show. He easily sang seven songs for the crowd. Spectators young and "older" watched, danced and sang along. I saw one young man drop his shirt and hat on the ground so he could stop and dance to this song.

Yes, time has been rough on Andy (on us all, no?), but he still sounds great. And he clearly loves to perform. Thank you, Andy--for being there when some people were afraid to march, when no one else sang about or talked about the things you did, and, most of all, for making some of the best music ever.


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