Sinkholes Rock! Or, the Existential Crisis of a Big Hole in the Ground

Wow! Yes, it's terrible that this thing is going to eventually swallow all of Guatemala, but for now can we just sit back and enjoy the majesty of the hole? (Since we're safely in another country, yes we can.)

Behold the abyss, my friends. This is the existential crisis point smack dab in the middle of a neighborhood. What is it? What does it mean? Where does it go? What am I? How do I fit into a world where giant swaths of nothingness can just appear? Oh, yes, we are small indeed.

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Anonymous said…
How strange am I that looking at this hole makes me think bad thoughts and makes me kinda horny?
toddx said…
Very strange indeed, Sean. You should only think good thoughts when horny.
For the record... I have an alibi. In case anyone asks, I was here with you guys.

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