I miss the storms of my youth

How about you? Does anyone else miss lightning and thunder? SF is great and I don't miss hot, humid summers or cold, icy winters, but a nice thunderstorm would be nice once in a while.


Matt said…
I completely get it. I grew up in (suburban) Chicago and a good, dark, hot-afternoon "thunderboomer" is sorely missed. My brother is a meteorologist and just got back from a "chase-cation" where he and some other weather geeks drove all over the Plains states and chased storms (and blogged it). Cool.
Rachael said…
Yeah, I have a lot of family around Philadelphia. I miss thunder and lightning, we don't get much up here in the PNW. I also miss WARM rainstorms, where it comes pounding down but you can stand in it comfortably. We only get cold rain up here.

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