He's Just a Brief Guy. It's What He Wears.

Garrett Neff is my latest obsession. Now, as Calvin Klein's newest underwear model, he can be yours, too.


Darling Todd he's a sweet boy and perhaps if we were stranded on a desert island and forced ro reproduce for the sake of the human race but you're better looking.

Just why Calvin Klein didn't hire you to advertise their wares will remain one of the world's great mysteries, but that's their loss.
Anonymous said…
We all think Todd is good looking, but if you keep saying things like that he going to develop a swelled head and I'm not talking about the one in his pants.
toddx said…
Ha! Trust me, I take it all with a grain of salt. The mirror doesn't lie. Two-faced bitch. ;)
Darling Todd is like a Renaissance painting come to life give him a white horse and a suit of armor and three quarters of San Francisco would be fainting in his wake. He is a beauty who will forever have his pick of the lesser beauties.

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