What Would iJesus Do? A Tale of the iPhone


It only took eight hours and trips to one AT&T store and two Apple stores. Oh, and did I mention standing in line for EIGHT hours. GD AT&T and their stupid in-store authorization process! Alas. Eventually, the process sped up as the day wore on, and Rand and I eventually got our hands on our phones around 3 PM or so. We started our day around 7:30 AM.

Actually, I got my hands on two iPhones. The first one didn't seem to work. Even the guy helping me seemed perplexed, but his supervisors were telling him and me that I just needed to take it home and charge it up and it would be fine. My response: I've waited too long and paid too much money not to be assured that the phone will work. So, get me another phone. They had to return that one and sell me a new one. Guess what? When they plugged in the new phone, it worked perfectly. Matt, who was helping me today at the Stonestown Apple Store (and he was great btw), said something like, "Now that's more like it." I agree, Matt.

What does this new phone mean for the future? I imagine world peace, better haircuts, six-pack abs, and a spring in my step. Or, at the very least, I'll always know what movies are playing and what the weather is like in Barcelona.

Thanks for the memories, Steve J.


Sighhhhh!!! Boys must have their toys! But if you're happy darling that's all that matters.
Dixie said…
I don't know how I could be more jealous.
toddx said…
Don't be jealous. I'm single handedly rescuing the economy.

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