I can hear the banjos

I'm a tad alarmed that my next door tourist neighbors who seem to spend their days sitting on their little porch smoking and reading are, in fact, reading "Deliverance"! I mean seriously. Should I be concerned?

On the food front I had some yummy salmon "fish and chips" at the Ecola Seafood Company today. We sat outside to get away from the hordes of children and their zoo keepers that came on after us. I think the little beasts should be curbed while the adults eat.


Anonymous said…
Whatever you do, don't let them see you in any "Ned Beatty" designer underwear! :)
Todd darling, Yes you should, don't bend over when they're in sight.

Unless they can vacume, mix a martini or empty an ashtray I see no practical use for children.
Anonymous said…
Go Todd! I get SO sick of the little urchins everywhere. So loud and sticky and interruptive. Did I just make up a word? Oh well, it fits.

Children leash laws need to be inacted. If I have to keep my well-behaved, quiet black lab on a tether, ever child under 10 should have the same requirement. It's only fair.

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