Change the World For Ten Bucks

What small action can you take to change the world? Seriously, I'm not talking about solving the Mideast crisis or Darfour or Elizabeth Hasselbeck. Are there seemingly insignificant things you can do on an everyday basis that, when added together and multiplied by all your friends and their friends and their friends and the exponential community that grows out of daily human interaction, will significantly impact your neighborhood, your country, and your world?

It may seem trite and corny, but it works. And, there's a book and a website about it. Chronicle Books is publishing Change the World for Ten Bucks this spring. It was previously published in England and around the world under various titles such as Change the World for a Fiver. Author Eugenie Harvey uses the fifty ideas in the book to inspire change in each and every one of us. I would like to invite you to check out her website: We Are What We Do

Then, when you can't stand it any more, go buy the book and change the world.


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