Religious Dogma

This is probably fiction (is anything sweet and innocent real these days?), but I'm hoping in a way that makes my cynical heart creak and groan that it's true. Apparently, two churches engaged in a billboard debate over the place dogs will or will not have in their respective heavens. Hilarity ensues. Thanks to Silicon Valley Watcher for posting this. Despite the Catholics' attempts to steal my Constitutional rights from me, I wholeheartedly support their Canine Conversion Crusade.

On a more somber note, I have to tell you all that cats do not, in fact, have souls and, as such, will face the fiery pits of hell for the rest of eternity. It's the least they can do for making me sneeze when I'm around them.



Anonymous said…
these are hilarious.
Anonymous said…
STUPID!! God knows how much you love animals, of course they will be there!!! They need heaven to make up for the stupid & horrible people of this earth!!!

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