I.O.U.S.A. , or The Decline of the American Empire

Originally, this post was going to be titled "Scared Shitless" because I think we all should be very afraid. I used to argue against Europeans from small countries who would offer their national systems as solutions to America's and the world's problems. "We have solved it," they would say. But, I would say, your country is the size of Missouri and your population is less than Los Angeles. Get back to me when you have about 300 million more babies.

But, perhaps I was approaching this wrong. Maybe the American experiment is wrong because it has gotten so big. In the same way that cities have problems that don't exist in small towns, our large nation creates potentially intractable obstacles: financial, military, social, and environmental. Maybe it is time to break up the US much like Ma Bell was broken up in the Eighties.

Watch, quiver, buy gold. And prepare for the new world order.

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docutz said…
Dear President Obama....please watch and learn and act or else I may have to move to Iceland...oh crap!

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