If you don't become a follower of this blog, I'm going to have a conniption!


It's true. You're in big trouble.


Todd X. said…
I know. I couldn't resist when I saw it.
Matt said…
Well Todd,
I have heard that untreated "HEEBIE-JEEBIES can turn into violent conniptions!
Darling Todd, I've been a follower of your Bolg since before the Boer War, I'd follow you to the ends of the earth and in last years frock too!
Kevin H. said…
What if I use an RSS reader? Does that count?
Todd X. said…
We all use those, Kevin. It is 1999 after all. And, no, they are not a public display of affection which I require. Go PDA!!
Kathryn said…
What an attention-getter. I love it. I'm sucked in as a follower - with an RSS and I believe as a Facebook fan.

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