When I get a little money, I buy books

This Erasmus quote fit my day perfectly. Rand and I drove to the east bay to do some browsing in the 'burbs. After we parked in one neighborhood, we were walking along and I looked down to see a little wad of cash. Expecting to find a dollar or two, I was surprised to find $17. Score!

In order to appease the karma gods, though, I decided to pass along these serendipitous funds to a local independent bookseller. So, I ducked into Diesel Books. On their new tables, I noticed this lovely book by Neruda. It's a new translation of Fin de mundo and the first time it's been translated in its entirety in English. Double score!!

Random cash + independent bookstore + poetry = the best use of unexpected cash I can think of.

What would you spend $17 on?


samuel said…
The last time I stumbled on random cash I was at a bar with some friends. I spent it on shots for those friends and me. I consider it a good use of the unexpected funds.

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