Next on Tyra Banks: I hate being gay!

I read this and thought, "WTF?!" Her shows are basically underwritten by the gay community. Have you seen ANTM? Gay gay gay. Then, I watched it.

Don't be afraid. By watching this, you're not supporting any kind of anti-gay agenda or digging up some secret self-loathing. If this isn't completely fake, I'll eat my hat. But, kudos to the kid, his male organ vs. female anatomy hangups are the stuff of legend.


docutz said…
Just get your creepy, over 30 year-old self back online and look for some 16 year-old butt :-P Thank god I am not creepy yet! Looks like Ms. Banks has been taking cues from Mr. Springer and Ms. Lake.
Rachael said…
I was sort of hanging in there until they showed the ex-girlfriend. WTF? Just, really. Why does she look so much older than him? And how does it make sense that she is in love with his ex boyfriend who I assume is gay? Weeeeeeeiiiiird.

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