The Ongoing Blogger Fail of 2010

I'm sorry to say that I'm still struggling with the Google Sites mishap that has disconnected from this blog. My fingers are crossed that the appeals I've made on the Blogger help forum and the email I sent to the Google Apps support will yield positive results.

Until then, how are you all doing? Is 2010 all you hoped it would be? Are you freaked out that the sea lions have abandoned their resting places at Pier 39? Is it a sign of the big one? A tsunami? Global warming? Some bad clam chowder?!! Or were they just tired of "Care Not Cash" and wandered up the coast in search of a handout? Since I had a tidal wave dream recently, I'm not counting any chickens until they've hatched, but I think we're relatively safe.

Other than my fear of sea lion prognostication and the general dread of going back to work after a long break, I've been pretty mellow lately. Fear not, though. As my birthday approaches (along with a long-planned journey back to Hawai'i), I'm sure I'll have more to grouse about.

Until then, complain amongst yourselves.

And happy new year!


Matt said…
I kept wondering what in the Hell was going on!
toddx said…
Thanks. It's very frustrating. Google!!!!!!!!
Matt said…
I know. I look forward to reading your blog every day. I was walking around looking for a nickle bag of Iced Tea!
Gauss Jordan said…
Just caught up on your posts from mid-December to now. Several quite funny ones there. Happy New Year!

At what point in January does it become too late to greet someone with that phrase? After the first week?
toddx said…
It's never too late, Gauss. I want to have a happy new year every day.
toddx said…
Matt, we're back!! And with extra caffeinated tea bags!

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