Airplane Notes: The People Behind Me

Currently, the people in seats behind me are engaged in a social experiment to see if three human beings can carry on an inane loud conversation for six hours straight. They're nearing the completion of hour #2, so I think there's a chance of success. Unless, of course, I pelt them with my macadamia nuts and try to strangle them with my headphones.

Seriously, if you're in a confined space for several hours with a hundred strangers, have the decency to moderate your normal volume.

Oh, and that baby is quiet for now, but it was screaming earlier. I was dreaming of alternative uses for the emergency exit and lavatory.


Matt said…
You should have given that baby your Maitai or ordered the tyke a Mojito!
toddx said…
I was VERY tempted. Do you think the flight attendant would have reacted well to my order?
Matt said…
If you had offered the baby a cigarette maybe you could have gotten the tyke moved elsewhere on the plane. Most people don't like a baby who smokes. Unless... Was the baby's mother Dena Lohan?

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