Word of the Day: Timeshafted

I just invented a word today: timeshaft.

I wrote up the definition for Urban Dictionary:

timeshaft: v. To catch up to real time on one's DVR (digital video recorder) or Tivo, preventing one from fast-forwarding through commercials or other uninteresting parts.

See also timeshafting or timeshafted.

Example: "I was watching the Grammy's on my DVR until I got timeshafted and had to watch Stevie Nicks and Taylor Swift perform in real time. I thought it would never end."

I hope they approve it. Until then, I'll be pressing fast-forward on my DVR and collecting royalties every time you use my word.



Update: It got approved!


Paul Blanchard said…
I'll try and work it into conversations for you...
Dixie said…
I also got timeshafted while watching the grammy awards and not only had to watch Taylor Swift but also the douchebag known at Jamie Foxx.
toddx said…
@Paul: Thanks. Please send all royalties to the Iced Tea & Sarcasm Headquarters.

@Brian: Dwight experienced the same pain. I feel for you both.

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