Associated Press Declares Hillary Clinton the Winner in New Hampshire

Sorry, Mags, but it may be true. CNN just declared her the winner, too!

Clinton Wins?


Darling I think it's wonderful that Miss Hillary won I like and respect her very her very much and I'd be thrilled if she won the White House but I still say it's too close to call, if the next 6 months leading up to the election are as close as the last 24 hours it's still anyone's game at least the Democrats. We'll have a Democrat for the next 8 years but which one.

Here on this Blog, in the shadow of the Coit Tower, in the presence of a God (that's you dear), I swear on the Collected Works of Dorothy Parker, to give up Alcohol (except for medicinal purposes) and not take a drink until the Democrats are safely back in the White House!

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