I need to start watching tennis again

Marat Safin in Melbourne

Marat Safin is in Melbourne at the Australian Open. Apparently it's been very warm there. Thanks, Mother Nature. :)


Jack Miller said…
Nice pic of Safin. Ah, to be at the Oz Open. Found your blog checking out Shortbus connections. We have such similar posts recently (Steinem, etc. Hillary...) Used to live on Russian Hill. Anyway, Happy New Year.

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Jack Miller said…
Hey Todd,
Thanks for the poem (Rain) and your comment. ET is another example of an artist/ writer lost to war-- good to remember as we march into another year of war in the Middle-East. Sad.

Looked over more of your eclectic blog, envious of your life in San Francisco, and noting that you lived on the Big Island as well. Did you ever visit Kalani (www.kalani.com)?
Wondrous place to take your boyfriend.
My email, btw, is jack1132@yahoo.com
Happy trails.
Anonymous said…
good lord, he´s perfect. i watched wimbledon just because of him lol

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