Obama Wins Iowa

"They" said it couldn't happen.

Despite the inherent power of John Edwards' hair and boyish charm. . .

despite Hillary's war chest, husband, and testicles. . .

despite the cows and corn and cholesterol-ridden cafes. . .

Barack has won the 2008 Iowa caucus by a veritable landslide.

Congratulations, Senator Obama. I appreciate your vision of hope and your inclusiveness; I worry about your lack of experience and am suspicious of your juris doctorate (alas, all the Democratic front runners are lawyers--along with their spouses). And I still think I want to see Hillary in the White House and Bill as the First Husband. Nevertheless, I'd vote for you a million times before casting one vote for Mike Huckabee.

We'll see you in New Hampshire. Get some rest.


Darling I still think Edwards will suprise us all come Iowa. This is shaping up to be quite a year, I haven't been this excited since McKinley and Roosevelt!
Ooops! Darling did I say "Iowa" I meant New Hampshire, this is what happens when I mix Boniva with Gin!
toddx said…
Ha! Boniva and gin. I'll have to request that the next time I go to the speakeasy.
Darling what do you think keeps Sally Field so well pickled.

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