Did you hear about our storms?

This may be the most perfect, most defining image of the storm's effect on San Francisco. Forget the downed powerlines, the tree limbs, the flooding, the mudslides, the MUNI delays. This is truth--pedestrian truth.

01/04/2008 Storm


Darling I know that picture was not taken on Castro St, WE would not be caught dead carrying such tacky parasols!
Anonymous said…
In that sort of storm?... Fuck a bunch of umbrellas! Here, in Hampton Roads , We wear designer armor! Seriously Todd, take care!
Darling Todd, please be careful we don't want to have to send an Ark and evacuate you to God Forbid ...Oakland that is of course unless you have tons of plaid. ;)
toddx said…
Oakland!!! Nooooooo.

Actually, Rockridge is cute, but I can't leave my city. :)
Darling I think you're overmedicating again, there is no such place as "Rockridge" except in "Blazing Saddles". ;)

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