What Are the Signs of an Empire in Decline?

While reading the newspapers and the blogs and perusing the talking heads on cable television, I've started to notice some patterns. These just may not be, despite what my high school science teacher, Mr. Kinslow, used to say during his blue-sky moods, the "Good Ol' Days." In fact, for what may be the first time in our history, we may have to look back in anger at the travesties perpetrated by our leaders, our corporate executives, our parents and theirs. We may be moving into an era less well off than that of our parents. And that's a shame. I had so many things I wanted to buy.

The news today isn't cheery. The Dow is down over 200 points (there go our 401Ks--but who needs a pension?!) Gold is more than $880 an ounce (surely this doesn't inspire confidence in the weakening US dollar). Home sales were down 2.6 percent in November. And to top it all off, the Golden Globes are basically cancelled!!

What is the world coming to?

I suggest, therefore, while you're out driving in your SUV, burning up 40-50 gallons of those oh-so-precious fossil fuels, take a look around at America in the Golden Years. Before you know it, no matter how long our President threatens to hold his breath until he turns blue, the American celebration may be cancelled, too.


Darling if God forbid the Republicans stay in power I see a return to breadlines and "Hoovervilles" but as Roosevelt did back in 33 the Democrats will turn things around and pull us out of the muck and mire of Bush.

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