I have seen your soul

And it is not pretty.

Okay, this photo freaked me out a bit. Admittedly, I had had a few beers prior to viewing it, but let's be honest: it's disturbing. Why is this goat staring at me? Is this the reverse of "Men who stare at goats"? Am I doomed to fall over dead because this goat is staring at me? Is this really a goat? I think so, but I haven't been around one in a long time. Maybe it's a weird sheep or some hybrid creature we city-folk don't understand.

Regardless, I won't be sleeping tonight, thanks to this mammal-thing.

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My soul is in those bite size mac and cheese.
toddx said…
I hear you, brother. If I had a soul, I would want it to be deep fried, too.
My soul is so coffeestained that I'll have to get a note from my doctor and three baristas before St Peter will let me through the gates...

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