I like this cafe -- Epicenter

Epicenter Cafe is a nice multipurpose cafe near the SoMa Whole Foods. I say "multipurpose" because they serve food, wine and beer. Actually, their beer list is oddly extensive for a cafe. I, of course, was more interested in their caffeinated offerings (it's not 4pm yet, that's why), so I tried the coffee and iced tea. The French press was "okay." Ok, it wasn't great nor was it hot enough. And I expect a French press to be pressed by or in front of me. I'm paying for the show, damn it! This one was just handed to me in a mug. Hmmm. Was it really French? Je ne sais pas. As for the iced tea, I only have one complaint: for $2.75, I expect a bigger glass or an offer of a free refill. At least it wasn't flavored tea.

I think you should give Epicenter a try if you're in the neighborhood. I'll be in the corner, on my iPhone, sampling each and every beer. Please try to overlook my slurred speech.

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