Organic Robbery: The price of health and taste at Safeway in SF

Yesterday, I unwittingly paid $3.16 for TWO apples. I wanted a Honeycrisp apple and they were only available in the organic section. I noticed the per pound price, selected two small apples, and didn't give it a second thought.

Until I got home.

Imagine the scene: Todd unloads the groceries, pulls out the receipt, and stares unbelievingly at the charge for these two small (apparently heavier than he thought) apples. Luckily, the neighbors ignored my subsequent cursing.

No more. Organic proponents, keep your arguments to yourselves. I don't and won't buy it. Give me factory farms and 75 cent apples. And Safeway, the apples were sour for a Honeycrisp. You should be ashamed.

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Matt said…
I hate when that happens... Damn Safeway!
toddx said…
It's unforgivable! Of course, I'll probably go back today or tomorrow.

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