S.F. Iguana Man Gets to Keep His 'Service Lizards'

Silfa, first profiled in a cover story on service creatures in June of last year, ran into a rough spot with the mangers of his SRO hotel. While he has a psychiatrist's note "prescribing" Skippy the iguana as "an essential component of our treatment plan," last year Silfa was made to jump through a number of administrative hoops that endangered his ability to keep a large reptile in his small apartment.

I don't want to sound heartless, but "service lizards"?!! Give me a break. I remember people bringing odd animals into the various bookstores I've worked in--bookstores with cafes (you know, with food and health department inspectors?). Inevitably, they all claim their pet is a service animal. Really? That bird you're hiding under your jacket is a SERVICE animal?! I'm skeptical.

Dude, you like lizards. I get it. But don't try to claim they're anything more than a pet and hobby. Unless they whisper sweet therapy nothings to you and/or have degrees from UCSF in clinical psychology, they're not part of your treatment.

And to the "doctor" who gave Silfa the note that "prescribed" Skippy the iguana. You are an embarassment to your field and this is why many people think psychiatry is basically voodoo with a diploma.

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I have lizards that service, or is that lounge lizards that service?

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