If you look closely, you can spot the jumper

Just kidding. Even though there are no jumpers in this shot (alas), I had to share this photo for two reasons:

1. I think it's amazing and the bridge never fails to delight. Can you believe this bridge? The cars, the people, they're so small. And the bridge is SOOO big. People made this thing!! I

2. CALIBER consistently showcases some of the best photographic talent in the Bay Area. Kudos to all the photographers and keep up the great work!!

So, I hope you enjoyed this homage to the Golden Gate and don't get any crazy ideas in your head. I only like it when strangers jump off the bridge, okay?

Heartlessly yours,
Todd X.

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Stuart said…
Thanks for the shout out!
toddx said…
You're welcome! I love the work on Caliber.

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