From the McMinnville Pregnancy Counseling and Information Center: 55 Fun Things to do Instead of Sex

Only 55?! Have these people never heard of television? Wouldn't each channel count as a diversion? Also, I'll be checking McMinnville off my vacation list now.

From the site:

Here’s a quick list of fun ideas to jumpstart your evenings and weekends. Grab a friend or two and...

1. Go on a picnic with friends
2. Bake cookies
3. Play on the monkey bars at the park
4. Go out to eat
5. Slide down a grass hill on a block of ice
6. Go horseback riding
7. Go roller blading
8. Do something kind for a needy person
9. Go bowling
10. Try making a new recipe
11. Throw a 70’s party
12. Get your friends and go on a video scavenger hunt
13. Wash each other’s car
14. Go people watching at the airport
15. Explore an interesting part of your town
16. Get some culture and go to a symphony or ballet 17. Ride bikes in the park
18. Go to a deli and order something you’ve never tasted
19. Dedicate a song on the radio
20. Write each other poems
21. Volunteer at soup kitchen
22. Go to a museum
23. Ride a carousel
24. Get a group together for volleyball
25. Take a walk together
26. Plan a mystery dinner for friends
27. Go to church together
28. Dress up and go to McDonald’s
29. Get friends and play board games
30. Send a funny card
31. Learn how to swing dance
32. Join a coed softball team
33. Jump on a trampoline
34. Look at travel books and find places you would like to go
35. Chop up things in the blender and make “food-art”
36. Read a book and discuss it
37. Do homework together
38. Audition for parts in a school play
39. Have breakfast at sunrise
40. Hide love notes where the other will find them
41. Spend an evening with each other’s families
42. Choose a special song
43. Do a craft project
44. Take a fun class at your community college together
45. Have a candlelight dinner with another couple
46. Search for “treasures” in second hand stores
47. Volunteer at a crisis nursery
48. Send candy or flowers
49. Have a campfire
50. Tie die T-shirts
51. Rescue a puppy or kitty from the pound
52. Take a car full of kids to the drive-in movie
53. Blow up balloons and stuff a friends car
54. Have a canned whipped cream fight outside
55. “Kidnap” a friend at 6:00 a.m. and go out to breakfast

Care to add any of your own?


samuel said…
5. Slide down a grass hill on a block of ice-um . . . really?

13. Wash each others car-this is clearly a euphamism

42. Choose a special song-shouldn't that just happen naturally?

52. Take a car full of kids to a drive in movie-just don't forget the ones hiding in the trunk.
daisy said…
"11. Throw a 70’s party."

Um, apparently SOMEONE does not understand how they partied in the 70s. Amazing.
toddx said…
@samuel: I recommend doing #5 and #13 together. It'll blow your mind.

@daisy: If I had known that it just took a posting about sex to get you to comment, this blog would look like Xaviera's "Call me Madam." ;)

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