Pedestrians 1, Drivers 0: Traffic nightmare in China

Imagine you're driving along, singing a song, eating a little snack and sipping on your diet Coke. Then, BAM! you hit a wall of traffic. Only this isn't the run of the mill type of traffic you might encounter on the Bay Bridge. No, this is the mother of all traffic jams a la Julio Cortazar. This is China, and you've been stuck in traffic for two days.

I can think of more nightmarish things: Sarah Palin as President, a McDonald's chicken McNugget, or the Marina-district on a Saturday night. But being trapped in a traffic jam that stretches for dozens of miles, lasting ten days or more, is right up there on the nightmare list. I mean look at this poor guy having to bathe himself on the highway. It's horrible. He doesn't have his proper LOOFA!

I hope, if you drive, you'll keep this image in mind the next time you're two seconds away from road rage and blaring your horn at the pedestrians who are legally crossing at the crosswalk. Remember: it could always be worse.

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