Why mandatory composting sucks


I live in a one-bedroom apartment. I barely have room for my Simple Human trashcan and another trashcan for recycling and now THEY (by THEY I mean the San Francisco Board of Supervisors) want me to find more space for a compost bucket (see above). You see, it's the law in SF now. Compost or be an outlaw. Unfortunately, it also means I have to choose between a disgusting slop bucket plus the concomitant fruit flies and a semblance of an urbane domicile. I choose the latter my friends.

Just recently, my building's management decided they better look into complying with this law (which took effect last fall). Prior to this, I fully supported my building's dismissive attitude toward this ridiculous piece of legal nonsense. Alas, some bleeding heart eco-terrorist must have raised a stink because they have begun locking up the garbage chutes, setting up compost bins on selected "test" floors, and passing out the aforementioned slop buckets.

Dear SF Board of Supes, stay out of my apartment. If I can't grind it up in the disposal, I'm throwing it in the garbage. And, because of your interference, I'm even less inclined to recycle--which isn't legally mandated for some reason. So, I will anti-recycle with abandon!

Which leads me to wonder: is the slop bucket you so lovingly supplied recyclable? Or did you just create one more piece of plastic eternity for me to toss into the landfill? I bet it's the latter.


Matt said…
This sounds dumb as dog shit!
toddx said…
You mean my posting or the law? ;)
Anonymous said…
Why don't you try Bokashi compost bin.
The idea is simple and well used by people who also don't have heaps of space, plus doesn't smell like a bin and can be used to clean your drain.

Better still try and get your building to pay for yours and everyone elses.

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