I think I have what it takes to be the next American Idol: Auditions in SF

Look out, AT&T Park. I'm coming your way. Next week are the SF Bay Area auditions for American Idol Season 42 and I predict right now that I will be going to HOLLYWOOD!!

Between my Cyberpunk meets Beauty Pageant Baby outfit and my lovingly crafted ode to the songs of "Reality Bites," I think I'm a shoo-in. I hope you will stop by and cheer me on. Or sing along with me. Or just pretend to be Winona Ryder in her doily dress, pining after an unwashed Ethan Hawke, while I croon some Lisa Loeb. It will be genius.

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Anonymous said…
I think you should do Aquarius as Raquel - that's the real reason you posted her video.
toddx said…
But would anyone get it? I need my motives and message to be understood by at least a few people.

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