Back off FDA! FDA sends warning letter to Lipton: Tea Can't Do That

The FDA is trying to scare America.

Apparently, the FEDERAL (that's never good, is it, Mr. Beck?) DRUG ASSOCIATION* doesn't believe that tea is the absolute cure-all that Lipton advertises it to be. What right do they have?! And where is their research? Clearly, they've never had nor tested tea when it's iced. Iced tea saves lives!

Why does the GOVERNMENT want to keep you from drinking tea? And what connection does it have to 9/11?! It's up to the People to ask these questions!

Caffeine saves! Support Lipton against Federalized Medicine!! Vote for the Iced Tea Party!


*Yes, I know it's the Food and Drug Administration, but that's not as funny now, is it?


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