Systems Theory and the Future of the Book: Everything is connected

As our ability to contextualize knowledge increases and speeds along thanks to always-on, always-connected digital devices, we will necessarily change the way we read. I'm a firm believer that the traditional book will continue to have value. It is a medium that is too nearly perfect to be abandoned easily or casually. But, books are only one vehicle for reading. As we know, people are reading more than ever: they're just not reading novels or poetry. But, they're reading.

Nevertheless, as our media consumption habits develop, so too will the modes and genres of literature develop. I think that Ideo presents some interesting ideas in this video. I particularly like the "Nelson" reader. It's like having the ultimate hypertext bibliography for every book. Oh, the possibilities. With a Nelson reader, the book is no longer a stand alone product, concrete and unchanging. Now, it can be truly experienced as a living part of the knowledge system from which it grew. With the right book and a curious mind, just imagine the connections, the discoveries, the relationships one could make.

The future is bright indeed.


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