People take dying spouses seriously: Big Brother and Matt

Come on, people. It's a game! Give the guy a break. So he lied about his wife dying of some rare bone disease. So he played on the sympathy of millions and, more poignantly, that of his housemates (especially the legitimately sick woman). Who cares? It's entertainment! It's what we want to see. I'm still waiting for the day that the contestants open the door to the backyard and find it full of wild hungry Bengal tigers. Now that will be a Head of Household competition I want to watch.

Seriously, after watching this, we all get that Matt is a douchebag, celebutard wannabe. Okay. No argument there. But, moral outrage? Get real. In case you missed the 60 minutes report: IT'S ALL FAKE!! FAKE FAKE FAKE FAKE. So, get off your soapbox, sit back down in your La-Z-Boy, and turn on the latest episode of Wipeout. Perhaps it won't challenge your moral foundation too much.


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