Cover Letter Tip of the Day: Pronouns Are Your Friends

I'm not sure what professor at this person's liberal arts university caused an irrational fear of pronouns, but by my count, the letter only uses the word "I" once. Perhaps it's just an expression of self-hatred, an attempt to eradicate the ego. Did some Level-9 Buddhist write this?!

Hello and well being,

Thank you for the consideration for an opportunity to work and assist. As a university liberal arts graduate, believe this may be considered a beneficial accomplishment and point to move forward from.

In my most recent professional position with a global marketing firm placed in New York City, was honored in a company newsletter as one of the firm’s top researchers. In this role, was reliable and skillful at gathering the desired data and information for an online marketing, and public relations product. Also, as a product administrator added hundreds of new organizations to the tool, while assisting clients with customer service inquiries and feedback.

Additional professional experience in the New York City hospitality industry, introduced me to an elite level of customer service, presentation and style. In this guest services role, was a welcoming face for the hotel and patrons. This included helping guests with specific questions, coupled with successful interaction and direction amongst fellow working associates. While overall, being a welcoming aspect of the guest’s stay and experience.

In addition, possessing previous professional experience in the real estate industry may be considered a valuable skill. Using knowledge of the sales process, client relationships, business development, and contracts, may be viewed as elements to prosper with future clients, brands and staff.

Thanks again for your time and energy, as I look forward to being a positive and contributing member to a team, their brand, environment , goals and ambitions.

So, my tip of the day is "Make sure your sentences have subjects." Oh, and "Proofread." Frustrated English majors may be reading your cover letters, and those people are snarky and unforgiving. You've been warned.


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