And I thought I ate out a lot

Here is an actual receipt from a dinner that Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich and  five guests had in NYC.

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Clearly, I'm an amateur.

UPDATE: This appears to be a lunch receipt (based on the time stamp). Now I'm really impressed.


Anonymous said…
Don't you think for $7k the receipt should more flair? I could get a receipt just like that at Dunkin Donuts.
Unknown said…
If my military time is correct, that looks more like a lunch time...and do you the the waiter/waitress went out and got completely obliterated later that day...the total bill is more than i make in a year... arghhh!!
toddx said…
Kelly, you're right. That's lunch time!

Sean, I would expect a platinum receipt carried by 8 Bel Ami models.

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