I have seen the end of humanity and it is Meat Water.

How many ways can I say no? Dinner in a bottle? Unless it was previously a grape or grain, I do NOT want to have dinner in a bottle (future Jetson food pills excluded, of course). When will this long Atkins nightmare end?

According to the company's "Facts" page, they "have a special relationship with [their] protein here at Meatwater." Pardon me while I throw up a little. And they're basically selling it as a weight-loss gimmick. I'm horrified.

Prepare for the end, my friends. It will be horrible, it will involve slaughterhouses and equipment to squeeze the juice from all living things, and it will most definitely have us all marinating in Meat Water. Just watch.

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Rachael said…
I have had this tab open for like 2 days and spent more time than I'd like to admit on the meatwater website. I just can't deal with this or wrap my head around it in any way.
toddx said…
No one can deal with Meatwater. It's the Fifth Horseman of the Apocalypse!!

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