Froot Loops: Prettier Than Real Fruit

Yes, it's true. You cannot deny the colors of the Froot Loop rainbow. Plus, they're crunchy. It's all about mouth-feel, folks. Squishy overripe banana or crispy loops? Yes, the main ingredient is sugar, but they're made with whole grains now. WHOLE GRAINS! Surely that counteracts the badness of processed sugar. (Where's my insulin?)

My friend Kim posted this article from The Atlantic about Josh Viertel and his YouTube question for President Obama after the State of the Union address. Essentially, he asked, "Why are Froot Loops cheaper than real fruit?"

It's a good question. My last box of Froot Loops (don't judge) only cost me $2.00. You may remember my rant about paying over $3.00 for two apples last year. Robbery. How can I afford NOT to eat Froot Loops.

Well, that's the gist of the above article. The government should stop subsidizing the food-stuffs and additives and processes that are slowly killing us and, instead, it should support healthy food producers and businesses. I personally won't be holding my breath because ConAgra's lobby seems larger than the guy who sells organic pears at the Ferry Building. I'm just saying.

So, enjoy that taste of sugar-laden youth in the form of loops while it's still cheap. And crunchy. And so so colorful.

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