Sweet fancy Moses, these boots are hideous!

Oh Vibram, this has got to stop. I saw a perfectly normal looking man waiting at the intersection tonight. At first I wondered, "Why is he wearing shorts and carrying a backpack?" Then I realized he was jogging. Exercise is such an alien concept that it takes my brain a minute to put all the pieces together. Fine, he's running, in shorts, when it's dark and cold. Whatever.

Then. . . I looked down. He was wearing those awful feet shoes. And he was running, unironically, in them! Sincerity, thy name is Vibram.

People, please. Stop. Do you see where this is going? Boots?! What's next? It's a marketing gimmick! They are selling a product. Don't you think every other athletic shoe company can show you reams and reams of data showing how their shoes support, align, moisten and defend your feet from the evils of the world?

But, I'm sure I'm fighting a losing battle. Soon I'll see Louboutin toe shoes on the fashionable feet of San Francisco. And then the world will end.

Exuent Omnes.


Anonymous said…
No, no, no. Or maybe I should scream that. NO, NO, NO.

And if I see my beloved Louboutin's with a new "toe box", I will beat that frog up.
toddx said…
I'll hold him down. These boots will haunt me for days.
Unknown said…

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