Tuesday is List Day: Top Songs Played at Funerals

K626 Requiem Introit

My friend Tim recently started a discussion on Facebook about songs that we all wanted played at our funerals. "What," he asked, "is one song that must be played at your funeral?" As the responses poured in, I immediately thought "List fodder!" and got online to see what kinds of Funeral Song lists there were. It turns out that there are several on the internets. Alas, many (if not most) are completely sincere. Tim and friends, thankfully, were not.

First, the (randomly selected) boring list. Apparently, one of the selling points of many of these songs is that they are about angels. I guess people like that kind of thing. Personally, birds creep me out and I hate feather pillows.

Angel - by Sarah McLachlan
To Where You Are - by Josh Groban
Somewhere Over the Rainbow - Israel Kamakawiwo'ole
Sissy's Song - By Alan Jackson
I Will Remember You - by Sarah McLachlan
Borrowed Angels - By Kristin Chenoweth
Angels Among Us - by Alabama
When I Get Where I'm Going - By Brad Paisley
Dancing With the Angels - By Monk and Neagle
You'll Be In My Heart - By Phil Collins

Next, the good list. Or, as I like to call it "Tim's List to put the FUN back into Funerals."

The Moon & St. Christopher.
Dante's Prayer.
Brick House
Pharaohs (Tears for Fears)
It's Only Just Begun
Giant Steps
Housequake-- Prince.
Ding, Dong the Witch is Dead. From The Wizard of Oz.
In The Arms Of an Angel - Sarah McLaughlin
"Ding Dong..." sung by Klaus Nomi.
"Sports Chalet-we'll take you to the limit!"
"American Furniture Warehouse!"
"Living Spaces!"
Unforgettable (the father-daughter version).
Taco's "Putting on the Ritz"
All the People That Died. Jim Carrol
"The Old Grey Mare", sung by a choir of octogenarians. Accompanied on the piano by someone who is at least 100, and can no longer hear.
Ministry's "Stigmata"
I think something by Dinah Washington.
Death of a Disco Dancer
Reel Around the Fountain
My Morning Jacket's "Where To Begin"
Ok, "Everyday is like Sunday" must be played too.
"Thanks for the Memory" Dorothy Lamour

(Extra credit to those who can pick the songs I recommended. I was so wishy-washy that I suggested three.)

Despite my inability to pick a single song to play me off this grand stage of life, you can clearly see that Tim's friends (while still oddly charmed by angels) will throw much better funerals. I hope I get to attend them all.


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