Don't wash that man right out of your hair. Take a pill instead! Metyrapone

The term "memory modification" freaks me out a bit. But Novartis doesn't care. I couldn't make it through the "Spotless Mind" movie (awful!), but I'm aware of the premise. Jim Carrey goes to a voodoo doctor or something, gets zapped by radiation, and slowly loses his mind. That's my memory of it anyway.

Now, I clearly don't need Metyrapone because I don't remember what I had for breakfast, but I get that some people might want to swallow a pill and forget the past weekend's bad decisions. I saw your date. I'd take that pill too.

Seriously, though, these memories make us who we are: good, bad, and ugly. The midwesterner in me wants to say, "Deal with it and move on." The westcoaster in me thinks, "You need to talk to someone. Here's the number to a great therapist." But, I don't think I can endorse taking a pill to delete your memories. Isn't that what vodka is for?

Keep calm and carry on, folks. Leave the pills for allergy meds and recreational experimentation.


Nubian said…
And that is why I drink wine.
toddx said…
You are a wise ladybug. :)

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