Like the phoenix, an empty Borders store will rise from the ashes


At least it will rise temporarily. The Fleeting Pages pop-up store will be in existence for about a month, then it will vanish into the ether--like a forgotten remainder book at a Going Out of Business Sale or the value of stock options at a formerly revered bookstore chain.

I wish Fleeting Pages well. You see, I'm a fan of the pop-up: books, stores, or Whack-a-mole variety, and I love that they are finding a way to re-inhabit this space in a meaningful way. If I were in Pittsburgh, I would stop by and buy something. If you're in the neighborhood, I hope you will do the same and tell them "hi" for me.

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BosGuy said…
After watching these big-box stores drive my local bookstores out of business in the previous decade, I wasn't able to muster a tear when the Border's bookstores in Boston closed. Good riddance... now if my favorite GLBT bookstore would only open again.
toddx said…
That's the problem. I don't see many of the indie stores coming back. And it was always my dream to have my own bookstore. Alas.

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