2 Nights and 2 Days in NYC

What happens when a west coast boy goes to the east coast? Well, when the trip is short, not a whole lot. When it's a business trip, even less. Ha ha.

Last Wednesday I flew out to New York with my friend and colleague Renee. We had some stuff to do at Spin magazine (since it's owned by the company we work for). Of course, the crappy thing about going there is that it takes all day to get there and all day to get back. And air travel is not what it was like back in the heyday of the Concord and cute stewardesses (yes, I said stewardess!).

We landed around 4:30pm or so (left SF at 8am). While waiting for a taxi, we ran into a colleague and shared a town car--it's a small world! We made it to our hotel in Murray Hill, checked in, and set out to relax. Actually, Renee went running on a treadmill, and I went out, got a Coke and a black & white cookie. It seemed fitting.

Later we went to dinner at a nearby Italian place. It was fine; nothing to write home about. The wine was nice, though. Then, in the interest of keeping the alcohol flowing, we asked our concierge about a place to have a drink outside. She recommended 230 5th Ave.

It was a nondescript building. We went inside and took the elevator to the top. After another flight of stairs, we found ourselves on the roof. It was a gorgeous night and the Empire State building and Chrysler building lit up the cityscape. Sure, the drinks were $13 each, but it was worth it.

Then, we met Tim. He's new to NY and originally from the Bay Area, so we bonded. We chatted, he told us he missed California, wasn't sure about I-Banking, and then offered us a bottle of Dom. Who says no to Dom?

Finally, we decided it was time to leave and got back to the hotel around 3am. Who are we? Rock stars?! Needless to say, we went into work a tad late. :)

The next two days were spent recovering and doing our jobs. Oh, and attending the Spin company picnic. Fun.

I only took a few pics. Enjoy!

Hotel view 3 Outside Spin's offices

In the hotel room
Just me in my hotel.

Self Pic with Threading
I'm melting in the rain. :(

Renee in the rain
Renee in NYC


Snack prices


Darling, beware of fast talking "Butter and Egg" men who ply you with champagne, they're only after one thing, they'll lead you down the "Primrose Path" with promises of gingham curtains and picket fences, taking their pleasure and disgarding you in the gutter like an old cigarette butt. Your virtue is a "pearl of great price", save yourself for the right one, you don't want to go through life as those boys who have loved not wisely but too well.

Young boys who have danced at home are attracted by the blazing lights, gaiety and apparent happiness of the dance halls, speakeasies and big city lights which in many instances leads to their downfall.
toddx said…
I know, I know. You're so right. Imagine my disgrace if I fell for a 22 year old from Concord?! :)
CONCORD !!! I just might faint! Besides darling, you're 6 years older than him, too much of a difference.
toddx said…
For that little comment, I may have to kiss you. ;)
This comment has been removed by the author.
OOH Darling, I might just faint again! ;)

The night is like a lovely tune
Beware my foolish heart
How white the ever constant moon
Take care my foolish heart

There's a line between love and fascination
That's hard to see on an evening such as this
For they both give the very same sensation
When your lost in the magic of a kiss

His lips are much too close to mine
Beware my foolish heart
But should our eager lips combine
Then let the fire start
For this time it isn't fascination
Or a dream that will fade and fall apart
It's love, this time it's love
My foolish heart
Your blog has the best name ever!!!
The (212) sends its love ...


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