Head East Young Man!

I'm leaving for NYC tomorrow morning.

I expect you all to be good while I'm gone.


Darling, New York will just adore you! Have a wonderful trip and a safe one, I read the columns daily so I'll be looking for your name in "Liz Smith" and Cindy Adams".
Anonymous said…
It's pretty hot here on the east coast, probably should "pack" a thong! Have a safe trip! :)
Anonymous said…
I AM CRUSHED! You travel all the way across country and don't stop by my house to say hello? Oh Please! Someone get my smellin' salts! :)
Anonymous said…
Mags, did he at least call on you? I know how you suffer...
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Darling Matthew, Until you've walked a mile in a new girdle you don't know what suffering is!

Angel, while it breaks my heart to say it I didn't expect Todd to visit after all dear, I'm currently living in exile in Toronto, Canada, United State's armpit or "my own personal Elba" as I call it. There are NO men in Canada, just facsimilies, inbred yahoos with three teeth in 1976 Disco Drag, they've never seen such a magnificent speciman (an Apollo really)as our darling Todd, they'd be all over him like a cheap suit, devouring him within an inch, I'd fear for his safety in this "Sink of Sin".

One day Todd will come to call, bearing gifts from Our Lord Cartier, until that day I shall bravely continue with my Missionary work, preaching the gospel of the great United States and trying in vain to introduce the wonders of indoor plumbing to "Third World" Canada.
toddx said…
Aww, I'm sorry. I had so little time to do anything fun thanks to work. Next time!
Well darling, if you call meeting with "Papa" work. I hope you where successful in securing his services, I just loved "For Whom the Bell Tolls" and will be eagerly awaiting his next epic. ;)

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