Seattle or Bust!!

It's been over four years since I left my spiritual home, and now I'm going back--if only for the doughnuts.

Seriously, I'm flying out at (gasp!) 6 AM tomorrow and arriving at the heart-stopping hour of 8 AM. Normally, I'd be rolling out of bed at that time or washing the naughty bits during my regular morning ablutions. Instead, I'll be navigating my way through the lovely Sea-Tac airport and trying to find the car rental area. Then, and I'm not joking, it's straight to Top Pot. I'm having a Homer Simpson moment. Droooooool.

Anyway, Rand and I are going up to spend some time with my friend Shannon who still lives up there. I lured Shannon out to the Pacific Northwest years ago, only to abandon her in 2003. "¡Yo volveré!" I shouted. It's a belated return, I know. But, I've been a wanderer: SF to Hawai'i and back to SF. It's time I got back to the grey Seattle air.

Also, Bumbershoot is this weekend. Using my powerful publishing connections, I was able to score tickets. Yay! And the Shins are playing Saturday. I hope the VIP Passes I got will help me get in and see them. Fingers crossed.

After that, it's all orca riding, salmon shucking, totem climbing and Rainier gazing. Oh, and I want to see what has happened to all my favorite restaurants and gay hangouts. Manray used to serve the absolute best cosmo.

Wish me at least one clear day--or a few clear hours. I want Rand to see (and me too) the mountains. There's nothing like it.


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